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Special Draw (2021) | 4D Special Draw Date in Malaysia

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4D Special Draw Date (Updated)

Are you looking for the 4D special draw date for 2023?

For your information, there are 22 special draw dates in the year 2023.

You can quite easily obtain the 4D special draw dates on the official websites of lottery operators.

But you can have a better choice when 4D13 shows all the lottery special draw dates on just one page.

On this page, you will get the 4D special draw date for the below:

  1. Magnum 4D Special Draw
  2. Da Ma Cai Special Draw
  3. Sports Toto Special Draw
  4. Sabah 88 4D Special Draw
  5. Special Cashsweep Special Draw
  6. Sandakan Special Draw

You may have discovered that we did not point out Grand Dragon Lotto and Perdana 4D because their results are drawn on a daily basis.

Make sure you bookmark this page so that you would not miss the lottery betting.

Apart from special draw date updates, you can purchase 4D online and check out the latest 4D results at 4D13. The live result features are popular among Malaysian lottery lovers.

4D Special Draw - The Background

Special Draws are always being released on Tuesday and it is in fact special for the reason that these draws require to be approved by the Malaysian government.

Currently, the total number of special draws permitted each year is 22.

You might be wondering why 4D special draws exist?

The key reason is to raise government funds.

The "special draw" was introduced in 1999 under the Barisan Nasional (BN) management to raise funds for sufferers of the Nipah virus outbreak.

There were 22 "special draws" in 2018 prior to being reduced by the Pakatan Harapan federal government to 11 in 2019, and then 8 in 2020.

The amount of "special draws" was increased to 22 once more by the current federal government.

The special draw is necessary to increase the government fund and produce more chances for the 4D players to win cash.

Based on the most recent news in 2023, the federal government will not increase special draws for gambling operators beyond the present limitation of 22 per year.

This is very important in regards to the impact towards the surge in illegal gambling and company operations aspect of lottery agents.

The government has introduced very strict conditions on permit holders to ensure the gambling industry was managed properly.

The Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, which replaced Harapan, apparently restored the number of special draws back to 22.

As a result of the 4D special draw, the lotto participants now have an increased opportunity of winning the lotto. The 4D special draw applies to the following lottery game providers:

  • Magnum 4D Special Draw
  • Da Ma Cai Special Draw
  • Sports Toto Special Draw
  • Sabah 88 4D Special Draw
  • Special Cashsweep Special Draw
  • Sandakan Special Draw
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