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Bet 4D Online in Malaysia

To bet 4D online in Malaysia, you need to be a member of 4D13. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Log in to your 4D13 account. You can register a new account for free if you do not have any.

Step 2: Click "Register" after you fill in the details.

Step 3: Check your email and verify your account.

Step 4: To bet 4D online, top-up some money via i) Quick Pay (pay directly online), and ii) Manual payments (ATM, CDM, Online Transfer).

Step 5: "Quick Pay" allows you to pay online immediately.

Step 6: "Success Transaction" message will be shown.

Step 7: Now, you can easily bet 4D online in Malaysia. Select the date, key in the 4D number and betting amount, and tick the lottery companies.

Step 8: Submit the 4D betting.

Step 9: You will get an official confirmation. That's how to bet 4D online in Malaysia!

Online 4D Betting - Guide to Buying 4D Online

Let us share ways to buy 4D online for those who are still thinking about how to buy 4D online in Malaysia?

Keep reading this article to the end to find out how to buy 4D online, because we will share with you the easiest and fastest way to buy lottery online directly from your smartphone.

Now you don’t have to get ready to go out shopping at the store because lucrative cash rewards are waiting at your fingertips!

There are many benefits such as great savings that you can get through online 4D betting such as:

  • Buy 4D online.
  • Higher prize money than the others!
  • Wider purchasing options from Malaysia 4D, Singapore 4D and Cambodia 4D
  • Trusted by over 10,000 4D members and agents!
  • 100% secured!

So, here are a number of online 4D betting available at 4D13:

  • Buy Magnum 4D online
  • Buy Sports Toto 4D online
  • Buy Da Ma Cai online
  • BuySTC 4D online
  • Buy Sabah88 4D online
  • Buy Cash Sweep 4D online
  • Buy Singapore 4D online
  • Buy Grand Dragon Lotto 4D online

The Difference Between Buying 4D in Store and Buy 4D Online

Most often than not, 4D fans will visit licensed 4D stores to buy their “lucky numbers”. But if you are a busy number buyer who has time constraints to go to a 4D store, buying 4D online is the best solution for you. Various websites have been created to help you buy lottery online for example 4D13 which has been launched since last year.

Through the website, you can buy 4D online of your choice, in addition to a high chance of winning. You can buy 4D of your choice at supplier companies such as 4D Magnum, 4D Sports Toto, Cash sweep, Da Ma Cai, Sabah Lotto, STC 4D and you can even buy 4D Singapore without having to go to the actual store. With the online casino and site, online 4D betting is so simple.

Buy 4D online now!

How to Buy Hao Long 4D and 4D Perdana Online?

Many would agree that the fastest way to win big cash is through 4D - a popular lottery game in Malaysia.

Thanks to the internet and technology, you can now buy Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D online. Anyone in Malaysia and Singapore can easily utilize the internet-based 4D betting system.

This internet-based Perdana 4D and Hao Long 4D channel are simple to use just like below:

  1. Register a complimentary user account at
  2. Log in to your account and also top up a minimum of RM30 gambling credits.
  3. Order 4D.
  4. You will get a digital receipt as proof.

Our Grand Dragon Lotto and Perdana 4D gambling solutions make it possible for you to buy Cambodia 4D and 4D Perdana. All the best for your online 4D betting!

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